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Standard Car Insurance vs non standard

Standard insurance is auto insurance that you can purchase through the voluntary marketplace, such as your insurance broker in your market. May it be one that represents many underwriters or one Brand specific office. This is the kind od insurance agencies most people think of when they think about buying car insurance. It’s simply the coverage for your vehicle that you get when shopping around online or yellow this, yellow that page and finding the best deal. Some drivers can be considered high-risk and are not able get standard insurance. These are the driver that must look around for non-standard auto insurance.
If you had a DUI in the past, or several traffic violations and also new driver you will need to be insured with non-standard car insurance. Anyone who drives a high powered sports car may not get the same rates as a regular street vehicle would. They also need to find non-standard insurance to get coverage.

Quite simply the difference between standard and non-standard car insurance is that standard is for drivers with a good traffic record and are “preferred drivers” while non-standard insurance is for vehicle owners with a less than average driving record, no driving experience or drivers with sports cars or a specialized vehicle.

Also, you don’t have to be a non-standard driver to get non-standard insurance. Sometimes these non-standard insurers offer lower prices for people who could otherwise get standard car insurance. Often, large, well-known standard insurance providers own non-standard providers and can pass on low rates.

You are well advised to shop around, as with all insurance policies, rates can vary quite a bit, both between and among standard and non-standard insurance providers.

The best way to get the cheapest car insurance rate is to use the free quote service that many Insurance Agencies have on their websites. Just drop them a quote request and see what comes back. Do that for about 10 different Insurance companies and see who has the best rates for you. Don’t give up easy, it’s just your money, right.

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