The Cost Of Invisalign Treatments Can Vary

Invisalign prices can vary and the cost may deter some individuals from proceeding with the corrective treatment. However, it is important to regard the process as a long-term health investment. A variety of factors determine the overall price and many medical professionals offer some flexibility in payment, so price alone should not deter Invisalign candidates from considering the treatment.invisalign treatment

How much does Invisalign Cost ?

According to the website for Invisalign, the cost of treatment per individual tends to be between $3,500 and $8,000, with an average of $5,000. This cost is typically comparable to the price for standard metal braces, which do not boast the near invisibility and practicality of Invisalign. In an effort to estimate the cost of the treatment process, Invisalign cost can be determined using a payment calculator on the company’s website. The quote calculator takes into consideration the average cost, insurance coverage, payment terms, and other factors in an effort to provide potential patients with the financial information they need in order to make their decision.

Factors in Determining Invisalign Cost

One of the most obvious factors in determining Invisalign cost is the severity of the teeth’s misalignment and the correlating length of treatment. The process may be quicker if only minor straightening is needed, which could reduce the overall expense for the patient. Also, orthodontists may charge more due to their specific training, so the type of medical professional administering treatment factors into the cost. Additionally, the location of the doctors’ offices can help determine price, as the costs associated with medical treatment tend to be higher in large cities. The costs of X-rays, appointments, and after care are also factors in the overall price.

Invisalign Cost with Insurance

Out of pocket expenses for Invisalign treatment are partially determined by costs that may be covered by insurance. Many health or dental insurance policies provide orthodontic coverage, which may include Invisalign. According to the website for Invisalign, insurance covers an average of more than $500 in treatments costs. Some insurance companies cover up to 30% of costs while others provide no compensation, though it is important to note that consulting an insurance company representative is the best way to determine if coverage exists.

Payment Options
Recognizing the large expense it can entail and that some candidates do not go forward with treatment because of the cost, many doctors allow Invisalign cost to be divided into affordable monthly payments. Patients who are able to make a payment in full prior to treatment may receive a discount for doing so, which helps to decrease the overall expense. Some places of employment offer Flexible Spending Accounts, which allow employees to contribute money for medical expenses to an account that is not subject to payroll taxes, thus resulting in employee savings.orthodontics - invisalign braces

Treatment to correct misaligned teeth can be expensive, particularly for those with other financial commitments. Visiting multiple dentists and orthodontists for consultations may also help candidates find the lowest possible Invisalign prices. Fortunately, patients may be able to take advantage of flexible payments or explore a number opportunities to reduce the overall cost of Invisalign. More on this website

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